Stryker Logistics recently managed a month-and-a-half long tour for Xerox around the United States and Canada, again proving Stryker will do “whatever it takes” for its customers.

Stryker, working with NMR Events, made stops from coast-to-coast, starting in New York City in downtown Manhattan, then subsequently visiting Toronto, Chicago, Los Angeles and Dallas.

“Wherever their show was, our trucks were parked outside the venue,” said Adis Redzic, Stryker’s account manager.

Stryker provided Xerox-branded trailers to haul their gear so that no matter where the tour was, Xerox was always represented.

“You always put the customer first,” Redzic said of the tour’s success. “No matter what they wanted of us, we were going to do it. We were going to do whatever they wanted to do.”

Redzic said the Stryker team was able to work through a lot of variables and potential obstacles to make sure the tour would go off without a hitch for the customer.

“We were on that level to where they called us personally,” he said. “There was no going through a chain of command.”

In the end, the tour, which wrapped up this month, was successful, even though no one knew how difficult it would be at the outset.

“Where other companies would have charged them more or thrown in the towel, we worked with them for a month and a half, we did everything to make the show go as planned,” Redzic said. “There were no delays. Every tour date we had was on schedule, on time and within their budget.”

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