Recognizing the need for a skilled, dedicated workforce that earns a comfortable living, Stryker Logistics is stepping up by creating a new career development program.

Michael B. West, human resources manager for Stryker, said the innovative, on-the-job program will be a win-win for everyone involved: The employees gain new, marketable skills, and the employers have a dependable, capable workforce.

“We’ve noticed a need in the Southern Kentucky area with manufacturing facilities that have a high turnover because they use temps a lot,” West said. “We’re trying to bridge that gap.”

How it works

Stryker Logistics is looking to hire individuals as operating technicians in the areas of manufacturing and warehouse operations.

A good candidate is someone who is motivated to improve their expertise and career trajectory. West said that might mean an individual who is unsatisfied with temporary or part-time work, or someone with a minor incident in their criminal record. Refugees looking to provide for their families and those trying to overcome homelessness are also good candidates, he said.

These people will then become full-time employees of Stryker Logistics, earning pay for 40 hours per week while also receiving on-the-job training at no cost to them.

West said participants will earn their forklift certification, as well as their NCRC Silver Certification and other beneficial workplace skills.

“This isn’t just a regular job anywhere else,” West said. “We’re going to develop them so they can make more money.”

Stryker founder and president Fuji Avdic urged anyone who is looking to better themselves to reach out to Stryker for career opportunities. He also wants to hear from businesses that see the potential to partner with Stryker

Meeting a need

To help accomplish this goal, Stryker is seeking companies to be partners in this effort. Stryker will recruit, hire and train the employees, and needs other Bowling Green-area business to provide further job opportunities.

Avdic said this new venture is exciting because it allows Stryker to track the growth and development of its new hires as they work with the company. He expects to see real results, both for the employees and the company.

“Don’t hesitate to reach out,” Avdic said.

If you or your company is interested in getting involved with this effort, contact Stryker Logistics at 270-594-4149.

Stryker is also looking to hire drivers with their commercial driver’s licenses.

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