If you were to ask the employees of Stryker Logistics what makes their company strong, they’d say a few things: Their experience and industry know-how, their passion for their work and their dedication to do whatever it takes.

But there’s something else that always makes the list: Stryker’s diverse team.

“It’s very diverse,” account manager Adis Redzic said. “It helps in certain ways because you can always look at things from a different angle and a different experience. It’s all put together in one big team that functions very well.”

Among Styker’s employees, there are about 20 nationalities represented. Located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, a growing college town with a large refugee population, Stryker’s team is as diverse as the community it is located in.

The company’s CEO, Fuji Avdic, is from Bosnia, along with several other employees. There are truck drivers who came to America as refugees and warehouse employees from Somalia. First-generation Americans work alongside those with deep Kentucky roots.

‘A melting pot’

Business development manager Andrew Samios, whose father is from Greece, said his family has given him an open mind and a better view of the world. Now, it’s paying off professionally.

“It always helped me to be able to engage with different types of people and different cultures,” he said.

Samios said Stryker is “a melting pot” of cultures. By learning about his colleagues and in turn sharing with them, Samios said as a sales person, he’s comfortable talking to anyone who may be on the other end of the phone.

“We were all raised differently,” he said, “but we’re all here with the same goal.”

‘That makes us different’

Redzic, who immigrated to the United States in 1997 as a refugee from Bosnia, said Stryker is an incredibly accepting place to work.

“I don’t think that’s ever been an issue to where you ever have to think, ‘Would I be welcome here?’” he said. “We’ve had all sorts of people who have worked here.”

Redzic said the mix of experiences, including everyone’s academic, professional and personal backgrounds, makes Stryker stronger.

“We’re able to use all those experiences and knowledge, and approach challenges from a different angle, and offer another way of doing things,” Redzic said. “That makes us different.”

‘Our own company norms’

Stryker Logistics Vice President Gregory Head said he has worked in companies that are homogeneous, but Stryker’s multiculturalism has presented an exciting opportunity. Because there are so many backgrounds at Stryker, everyone has had to work together to find a balance and navigate their differences.

“It’s a good thing,” Head said. “I appreciate that everyone brings different belief systems to the table. … The interesting part is finding a way to combine and have our own company norms.”

Head jokes about the way he contributes to the makeup of Stryker’s diversity.

“Compared to everyone else, I am old!” he said. “I have 25-plus years on everyone else that’s there. But, what helps is I’m actually, when it comes to technology, I am a Millennial.”

With more than 30 years of business experience working for many multi-national corporations, Head said Stryker is a welcoming place to work for all people — especially those who are ambitious and hungry. He can’t imagine many other places have an office culture like Stryker’s.

“You have to create it. It doesn’t just happen,” he said. “You have to agree (to get) through the disagreements and the lack of understanding. That’s the main thing. I’m just here to provide the stability and the experiential aspect of that.”

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