After months of development, Stryker Logistics is now piloting its new virtual, warehouse inventory-management system. And, customers already love it.

“They say they have not seen anything like it,” Fuji Avdic, Stryker President and Owner, said of the system, called V-IMS.

Avdic said the easy-to-use design of the system came about as a result of customer needs.

When a system says “Part #154321231413,” no one knows what that means right away, he said. Nor do they know how many they have in stock and how many can squeeze onto a truck.

V-IMS uses a visual interface that shows customers the item, labels it and makes it simple to understand how many of them are in-stock at the warehouse.

“Our customers sometimes run out of space for storage of their product as their primary focus is on production,” he said. “So, a lot of time they have a hard choice in finding the right warehousing partner because they still want full visibility of their product and they want to be able to get it whenever they want it. Or, they need to ship it somewhere from an offsite facility, but don’t know how many crates can fit on a truck.

“V-IMS offers all of that.”

Perks only for Stryker clients

The warehouse technology system is currently an exclusive benefit for Stryker Logistics’ customers. Customers can pay an all-inclusive subscription fee at a weekly or monthly rate for the service.

This service also allows customers located within a 30-mile radius of one of Stryker’s warehouses to receive deliveries within two hours of the time they are ordered. The delivery perk is unlimited, and customers can use it as much or as little as they need it.

“It is truly on-demand,” Avdic said.

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