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TMS Automotive offers tailored warehouse solutions to fit your unique business need.


Effective warehousing is equal parts floor space, safety, and inventory management. Our lean warehouse design allows flexibility for specialized supply chains including the ability to set up and manage remote locations.
Stryker Logistics/TMA Automotive Warehousing

1. Distribution & Order Management

  • Just in Time
  • Minimum & Maximum
  • Material Handling
  • Standing Order

 2. Inventory Management

  • Bank Building
  • First in First Out (FIFO)
  • Containment Management
  • Serial & Lot Tracking
  • Reporting
  • Revision Management

3. Labeling

4. Service Part Management

5. Dunnage Management

6. Cross Docking

7. Dock Audits


We support the supply chain with production planning for OEM, Tier-1, Tier-2, and other manufacturers.


We can build, pack, and ship according to specifications. This service can also be provided on a job site if requested.
Stryker Logistics/TMA Automotive Sequencing

1. Kitting & Build to Sequence

2. Packaging & Repackaging

3. Pick & Pack

4. Shipment Sequence Loading

Quality Sorting & Rework

TMS Automotive is your third-party quality experts.


We are ISO 9001 certified with trained professionals that can mitigate and eliminate defective materials. This service can be provided on site if requested.
ISO 9001 Certified Icon
Stryker Logistics/TMA Automotive Quality Sorting and Rework

Parts Washing

We use aqueous-based cleaners to apply a cleansing and rust inhibiting application to a variety of material and dunnage.


We have an automated conveyor with pressure cabinet, and dipping tanks to meet your level of request. Our cleaners are lab tested and are environmentally safe.
Stryker Logistics/TMA Automotive Parts Washing

1. Rust Preventative

2. De-Rusting

Sub Assembly

TMS Automotive provides increased flexibility and material flow for manufactures.


We eliminate the overhead costs with our experienced team that can inspect, manage inventory and WIP (work in progress), stock levels, increase production, and provide labor and administrative support.
Stryker Logistics/TMA Automotive Sub Assembly

Skilled Staffing

When you use TMS Automotive skilled staffing you are bringing in experts delivering a professional level of skill and accuracy.


Our teams are built with a vast working knowledge and continuity in business and manufacturing solutions.
Stryker Logistics/TMA Automotive Skilled Staffing

1. Project Management

2. On Site Contracting

3. Safety Consulting

4. Innovative Solutions