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Minimize Cost, Maximize Space

Stryker Logistics is dedicated to customize logistics services to meet your complete supply chain needs. Strategically placed Business Development Coordinators with the tactical knowledge, skills, and abilities along with in-house logistics problem solvers offer long term relationships with our customers. We not only plan on earning your business, we plan on keeping it for years to come. We ship it, we track it, we deliver it. We arrange Door to Door or Exchange to Exchange.


Build a Carrier Network of Trucking Companies in our service area evaluating by quality of service, communication, technology used, and reliability. Within our network, build driver relations and provide direct communication from driver to customer. This will avoid miscommunication on appointments, directions, and real time traffic updates for customer. Our Network also utilizes technology via tracking software to provide customers real time location updates for better customer service.
Truck Type Load Capacity
Sprinter Van 3 Pallets or 3,000 pounds
Box Truck 24 pallets or 15,000 pounds
53′ Dry Van 52 pallets or 43,000 pounds
Flatbed 48,000 pounds*
Conestoga 48,000 pounds*
*Max weight may vary depending on tractor trailer combination.
Stryker Logistics Transportation

Logistics Services

Carrier Network of Trucking Companies

Direct Contact with Drivers

Real Time Location Updates

24 Hour Customer Service

Yard Management

Stryker Logistics is experienced in yard management and goes above and beyond what other providers offer in South Central Kentucky. Our service is more than just moving trailers around; we work 24/7 as needed in order to prevent delays for our customers. Our attention to detail, organization and planning saves our customers time and money.